Asset Recovery demands APRC to pay owed rent

Asset Recovery demands APRC to pay owed rent

The Gambia’s asset recovery commission is demanding the APRC to pay hundreds of thousands of dalasis owned in past due rent.

The APRC occupied a building in Kanifing South since 2012 and has since not paid rent, according to the recovery authorities.

The building was the Taiwanese Embassy before defeated President Yahya Jammeh severed ties with Taiwan.

A senior executive member of the APRC said they have a lease-to-purchase agreement with the Asset Management and Recovery Corporation, a claim the authorities denied.

APRC has been evicted from the property last month by the police and accused Gambian authorities of a witch-hunt.

The building was attacked and set ablaze last year ahead of the elections. Jammeh quickly funded a refurbishment project.

The APRC is seeking to maintain a majority in the Gambia’s parliament. It is likely to win a handful of seats in the Gambia’s Central River and Upper River regions.

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