Gambian minister accuses ex-president of land grabbing

Gambian minister accuses ex-president of land grabbing

Gambia’s exiled President Yahya Jammeh is facing new allegations of owning more than 133 homes dotted across the Gambia.

Omar Jallow, the leader of the PPP party that was ousted by Jammeh in a coup, said the demoralized dictator now living in Equatorial Guinea had forcefully acquired some.

Jallow, now Gambia’s agriculture minister, is on a campaign to whitewash the notion that the PPP government was corrupt. Jammeh after coup accused Jallow and other PPP government officials of living a ‘flamboyant lifestyle.’

Jammeh had gone on to own homes in Europe and in the U.S., driving Rolls Royce Phantoms and siphoning billions, leaving the country heavily indebted.

Dawda Jawara, Gambia’s first president had only three homes, which were obtained on loan, according to Jallow.

“Yahya Jammeh threw away millions in one night and disastrously, he often gave this to outsiders while Gambian youths die of unemployment,” said Jallow.

Jallow was jailed 22 times by Jammeh, tortured and nearly lost sight on one of his eyes.

Jammeh is claiming to also own more a thousand farm lands in the Gambia, saying it is part his ‘back to the farm’ and failed ‘Vision 2016’ agenda for the Gambia to be self-sufficient in food.

Gambian authorities say they will be establishing a commission to investigate Jammeh’s finances and businesses after the Finance Minister, Amadou Sanneh, reported that millions went missing during the last two weeks of ousted leader’s rule.

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