Gambia’s military in pursuit of Jammeh’s hitmen

Gambia’s military in pursuit of Jammeh’s hitmen

Gambia’s military’s police and intelligence officers are in hot pursuit of former members of demoralized ex-president, Yahya Jammeh’s hitmen, who are on the run, military spokesperson Lt. Col. Omar Bojang said.

A dozen people, alleged to be part of Jammeh’s sanctioned ‘Jungulars,’ who killed and tortured people for him, have been arrested by the police and helping authorities uncover the whereabouts of tens of missing people, who are feared dead.

Major Sanna Manjang has escaped to Guinea-Bissau. He is accused of taking part in the killing and torture of Jammeh’s perceived enemies.

The family of two U.S. citizens said they have been informed by Washington that Alhagie Jobe and Ebou Ceesay, who traveled to the West African nation to start a software company were killed by Jammeh’s men.

Gambia’s military said it will unearth all of the atrocities committed by its personnel, especially those attached to the presidential guards unit.

Jammeh fled to exile with at least three top generals that oversaw the presidential guards and the special forces. A former leader of the ‘Jungulars,’ Lt. Gen. Bora Colley have been extradited from Senegal.

A former member of the hit squad, Major Sanna Manjang is suspected to be in Guinea-Bissau, a tropical country on West Africa’s Atlantic coast riddled by coups.

Gambia has sent officials to Europe to have those accused of human rights abuses arrested and returned to face justice.

Gambia is mostly seeking to have a former minister extradited. Swiss authorities are holding Jammeh’s former homeland security minister, Ousman Sonko, who has been implicated in the killing of 40 Ghanaians and at least a dozen students.

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