Gambia’s police confirm attempt on opposition politician’s life

Gambia’s police confirm attempt on opposition politician’s life

A man armed with a kitchen knife attempted to assassinate an opposition candidate seeking to become a Member of Parliament for a district outside the Gambia’s capital, police spokesperson Foday Conta said.

Ebrima Nyang, the GDC candidate for Latrikunda Sabiji was attacked during one of his campaign stops. Authorities say the attacker, whose name has not been released acted alone.

“He was ejected from the meeting by party militants only for him to return later…. Vigilant supporters succeeded in thwarting the attack, which left some injured,” opposition spokesperson, MC Cham said.

Nyang was not injured during the attack and had gone to his voting center where he cast his ballot. He is hopeful of winning against two other candidates battling for the Latrikunda Sabiji seat.

The attacker was said to be a supporter of the party for the Gambia’s Foreign Secretary, Ousainou Darboe’s UDP but the police said the man, whose identity they are not releasing for security reasons is not affiliated to the party.

Polls have closed in the Gambia and results have started crippling in. GDC poses the biggest threat to the political parties that united to defeat longtime ruler, Yahya Jammeh out of power.

Although the party is less than a year old, its candidate, former National Assembly Member Mama Kandeh came third in the December presidential polls, pulling an impressive percentage as much as the UDP in 2011 elections.

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