Halifa Sallah regains SK seat with a landslide victory

Halifa Sallah regains SK seat with a landslide victory

It is not surprising that Halifa Sallah, the veteran politician favored to become the Member of Parliament for the people of the commercial city of Serrekunda has won in all the district’s polls.

Sallah, who is one of the senior members of the Gambia’s governing coalition turned down a cabinet position and resigned from being a special advisor to President Adama Barrow to run for parliament.

He has in the past won the district but lost it in 2006 after resigning from his PDOIS party to run as presidential candidate for the unity group, NADD.

Sallah joined other politicians from six opposition groups in 2011 to boycott parliamentary and local government elections. He led negotiations late last year to help secure a coalition to defeat former Gambian dictator, Yahya Jammeh in the polls.

Sallah’s return to the National Assembly means at least one person is sure to scrutinize every bill that comes to the House of Representatives and ensure that nothing is rubber stamped.

Sallah, who favored a coalition-led parliament and supported by PPP leader, Omar Jallow found himself at crossroads with UDP leader Ousainou Darboe, whose tactical alliance approach was supported by NRP’s Hamat Bah and GMC’s Mai Ahmad Fatty.

Drumming and dancing can be heard from afar as supporters of the more than three-decade politician march in joy towards Sallah’s residence to celebrate his victory.

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