UDP denies knife wielding man a member of its party

UDP denies knife wielding man a member of its party

Man arrested by the police for attempting to assassinate an opposition politician outside the Gambia’s capital is not a member of the UDP, a spokesperson for the party said.

Opposition GDC Public Relations Officer, MC Cham Jr. alleged that the knife-wielding man was dressed in the political t-shirt of the UDP, which won the majority of seats in Thursday’s parliamentary elections.

“These are allegations that are unfounded… You can put on a UDP shirt and assault someone and how would anyone know where you belong,” UDP’s Pa Malick Nyass said.

“In fact, our main contender in Latrikunda Sabiji is Aminata Correa. It would have made sense if the attack was against her, not Nyang.”

GDC’s Ebrima Nyang escaped after his supporters tackled the unidentified man. Nyang left unharmed but several people were injured, according to the police.

Nyang and Correa lost their bid to win the Latrikunda Sabiji seat. The UDP won the new district as it positions itself for the country’s next big elections in three years.

The police have ruled out that the attacker is a member of any party. Investigations so far showed he acted alone.

“We have obtained a statement from him and further investigations are ongoing. He also made no statement about his affiliation to any party or group. We are trying to establish his motives,” Police Spokesperson, Foday Conta said.

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow’s resigned from the UDP to contest as an independent presidential candidate. The party has won 31 seats, while other 3 parties within the coalition won a total of 11 seats, giving them 42 seats in total.

GDC is a new Gambian opposition party which was formed last year and has since been making its presence felt in country’s political landscape. It won 5 seats in Thursday’s election.

(Reporting and Writing by Sam Phatey; Additional Reporting from The Torch and Mustapha Darboe)

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