26 arrested, 3 injured in Sibanor electoral row

26 arrested, 3 injured in Sibanor electoral row

At least 26 people were arrested by the police after clashes erupted between supporters of the UDP and the APRC party in Foni.

Supporters of the former President Yahya Jammeh threw stones at homes of supporters of the UDP, the party that won the majority of seats in last week’s parliamentary election.

Police say three people were rushed to the hospital after suffering injuries. They received treatment and were released a few hours later, according to a police statement.

Those arrested were charged with assault, breach of peace and prohibitive misconduct. Among those arrested are security personnel that were off duty.

Sibanor is in Foni, the region where Jammeh is from and now an opposition stronghold. Police have deployed more troops in the region, where a family died after their donkey cart stepped on a landmine.

Gambia’s President has vowed to crush any attempt to disrupt the peace the small West African nation, surrounded on all three sides by its neighbor Senegal, which has also been rocked by protests over the jailing of opposition politicians.

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