Opposition leader rejects Gambia’s parliamentary election results

Opposition leader rejects Gambia’s parliamentary election results

An opposition leader, whose parliamentary candidate was a target of an assassination rejected Friday’s outcome of the Gambia’s parliamentary election, the local press reports.

GDC leader Mama Kandeh said Gambia’s President Adama Barrow tour of the nation to lobby for votes for candidates he believe will support his coalition government’s agenda ‘unfairly’ influenced the result.

Longtime opposition party, the UDP that united with six others to propel Barrow to power won a majority with 31 seats. Kandeh’s GDC only won 5 seats, an impressive number by Gambian standards of a party that is barely a year old.

Kandeh came out third in the Gambia’s presidential election after declining to join the coalition and be part of the unity government.

While Barrow was on tour, Kandeh was also out canvassing votes for GDC-backed candidates. He had pledged to build at least 24 boreholes in remote communities without access to pipe borne water, help fence a women’s garden and spent some thousands of dalasis in donations.

Kandeh did not say if his party will be challenging the results in the Supreme Court. The GDC had rejected a coaxing by former President Yahya Jammeh to reject the results of the presidential election and have it challenged.

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