President Barrow nominates more females to parliament

President Barrow nominates more females to parliament

President Adama Barrow has nominated three females to the National Assembly after women rights defenders say they are not impressed with the number of women elected to the House.

Barrow nomination led to a woman, Mariam Jack Denton to become the Speaker of the House, an appointment gender activists welcomed.

Denton was chosen to become a Member of Parliament with Ndey Yassin Secka–Sallah and Kumba Jaiteh, a magistrate.

The party with which swept Thursday’s parliamentary polls, the UDP, had only one female candidate fielded in Latrikunda Sabiji. Fatoumata Jawara won her seat against four others.

Jawara became prominent after being tortured and jailed for taking part in protests last year demanding electoral reform. Her arrest with at least 12 others led to a backlash and more protests leading to at least two deaths.

Barrow’s cabinet has at least four women and his cabinet secretary is also female. Activists hope that more women in the new Gambia will be encouraged to participate in politics and seek public office.

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