Barrow: There is an urgent need to rebuild our nation

Barrow: There is an urgent need to rebuild our nation

Gambia’s new leader, President Adama Barrow says the country’s new parliament must know that there is an urgent need to rebuild the West African nation after suffering a decade of civilized political sanction and economic isolation.

Barrow, 52, is confident that new representatives voted into the House last week understand the urgency to put the country back on track towards economic advancement as it struggles with jumpstarting the economy. He has called on parliamentarians to take a bipartisan approach.

“President Barrow has confidence that our representatives it in the National Assembly understand the need to rebuild our nation based on strong institutions and legal environment,” a senior official, Amie Bojang-Sisohore said.

Barrow was voted into office with the backing of seven opposition parties and an independent presidential hopeful in last year’s election. He has since led a unity government, which has recently had cracks over agreements to head off to parliamentary elections as a united front.

The UDP swept the parliamentary polls, winning an absolute majority, giving Mr. Barrow the much-needed support he needs to pass reforms and implement his campaign promises.

Gambia’s economy has been clouded with fiscal issues. Former President Yahya Jammeh often bypassed the parliament and directly interfered with monetary policies. He dictated foreign exchange rates and used executive orders to rule the nation.

Barrow hopes with the country’s new democracy, lawmakers will support his agenda to build strong institutions to avoid a return to dictatorial rule and consolidate the justice and freedom for the Gambia’s two million people.

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