Gambia marks one year of opposition activists killing

Gambia marks one year of opposition activists killing

Hundreds of Gambians marched outside the capital, Banjul to celebrate the life of Ebrima Solo Sandeng, a year after the opposition activist’s arrest and killing.

Sandeng’s death sparked months of protests against the regime of defeated dictator, Yahya Jammeh ushering in strong dissent towards the autocratic ruler.

Gambia’s Foreign Minister and UDP leader, Ousainou Darboe led the marched organized by the foundation established in Sandeng’s honor.

Sandeng was the Organizing Secretary for the UDP after serving as its longtime youth leader. He had been arrested at least a dozen times by Jammeh’s government and put on trial.

Nine former security personnel are being prosecuted by Gambian authorities for Sandeng’s death. He was tortured by Jammeh’s secret police, killing him. They secretly buried him in an unmarked grave in a small coastal village.

Police investigators unearthed his remains after Jammeh’s ouster. Jammeh was defeated in the polls in December and forced out of the country by West African troops backed by ECOWAS.

Jammeh had refused to acknowledge Sandeng’s death and instead chose to call out Amnesty International and the UN for demanding an investigation into his death.

Gambia will be establishing a truth commission to look into allegations of human rights abuses by his regime. Jammeh, who came to power in 1994 through a coup arbitrarily arrested and detained, tortured, killed and maimed political opponents.

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