Political affiliation will not deny anyone a job in the government: Amie Bojang-Sisohore

Political affiliation will not deny anyone a job in the government: Amie Bojang-Sisohore

A senior Barrow administration official said political affiliation will not disqualify any citizen from being employed in the civil service as Gambian wrap their heads around their new found democracy.

“Political affiliation cannot be a factor to disqualify any citizen from public service. It is a constitutional right to associate with any political party of one’s choice so long as it does not
influence their performance and professionalism,” said Press Secretary, Amie Bojang-Sisohore.

Bojang said President Barrow views of political diversity is a strength for his administration to nurture the new democracy and freedoms that Gambians are beginning to dwell in.

Barrow was elected into office after receiving the backing of eight opposition groups. A majority of his cabinet is made up of party leaders who had backed his nomination to form a unity government.

“It should also be noted that vying for the presidency for him was a mission for change from an entrenched dictatorship and to promote dialogue, consultation and accommodating the opinions of others to make informed decisions,” said Bojang.

The unity of the opposition against the former ruler, Yahya Jammeh garnered enough support for Barrow to defeat Jammeh in the polls last winter. It was through the active participation of citizens that regime the change was effected.

Jammeh refused to employ citizens who are suspected of supporting the opposition. He branded opposition supporters are ‘enemies of the state’ bent on destabilizing the country. All throughout his rule, he portrayed opposition supporters as unpatriotic citizens.

The nation rallied behind Barrow, who authorized regional forces to flush Jammeh out of the capital in January. Jammeh fled to Equatorial Guinea after a two-month-long standoff.

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