Barrow concerned about ‘persistent crises across Africa’

Barrow concerned about ‘persistent crises across Africa’

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow says he is concerned about persistent crises in Africa as war ravages in restive nations of South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic.

The continent’s newest leader has pledged to work together with his counterparts to promote dialogue to guarantee peace and stability during his state visit to Congo Brazaville, where held talks with President Denis Sassou-Ngesso.

Sassou-Nguesso, one of Africa’s remaining few dictators is the head of the African Union working group helping to resolve the Libyan crisis, in which hundreds of Gambian migrants seeking to reach Europe have been trapped in.

Terrorist activities in Libya as fighting continue between the UN-backed government and two other administrations in the east and south. At least 300 Gambian migrants have been repatriated after suffering in the hands of criminals and authorities in Libya.

The Gambia escaped a near civil war in January with the help of its neighbors, especially Nigeria, where Boko Haram extremist have laid siege in its northern states.

Hunger has been declared in northern Nigeria and in South Sudan. The UN says nearly seven million people are in urgent need of food aid and risk dying. South Sudan is the world’s youngest nation and activists are accusing rebel fighters and government forces of genocide.

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