Gambia: Electoral chief says APRC complaint has no bearing

Gambia: Electoral chief says APRC complaint has no bearing

Gambia’s chief election commissioner, Alieu Mommar Njai says the complaint filed by the APRC party to not accept the outcome of the parliamentary polls has no significance, giving their reason.

“We received complaints from APRC in writing that in some polling stations their agents did not sign the results sheets which have no bearing on the accuracy of the results,” Njai said.

The party of Gambia’s former dictator, Yahya Jammeh, has written to the Independent Electoral Commission to contest the election results that they claimed were ‘unfair’.

Gambians went to polls on April 6 and a historic 239 candidates contested for 53 constituencies which gave parties backing current president Adama Barrow 42 constituencies.

The APRC and Gambia Democratic Congress won five seats leaving 1 seat to an independent candidate.

APRC rejected the outcome of the result but had their five members who won seats in Foni sworn-in.

APRC made other complaints about some polling booth being very dark inside and others having covers that are too transparent to keep identity and voting of people secret.

The electoral commission wrote back to acknowledge their concerns but “that does not affect the results of the elections,” officials say.

Njai has become a national hero in Gambia after daring Yahya Jammeh by declaring the will of the people.

Jammeh lost the presidential election to a property developer, Adama Barrow but took a U-turn a week after conceding defeat, claiming the polls were tainted with “unacceptable irregularities.”

Though the country’s recent National Assembly elections were deemed free and fair by international observers, the GDC, an opposition party formed by a former parliamentarian, Mama Kandeh also claimed it was not fair.

Kandeh said President Adama Barrow’s tour of the nation ahead of the polls unfairly influenced the outcome of the elections. They have made no formal complaints.

“They are free to challenge us but as far we are concerned, everything was done fairly and it is transparent as certified by international observers. Our system is such that you can’t rig it,” Njai emphasized.

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