Gambia to crackdown on drugs peddlers after torching of 2 tons of marijuana

Gambia to crackdown on drugs peddlers after torching of 2 tons of marijuana

Gambian authorities say they will ramp up efforts to stamp out the menace of illicit drugs in the country after torching of about two tons of marijuana worth D8 million (US$ 200 thousand).

Gambia’s law enforcement chief, Mai Ahmad Fatty warned the West African nation under the new dispensation cannot and will not be a safe haven for drug traffickers and abusers.

“The crusade against drugs is an ongoing effort that shall remain relentless. The future of this country will not be mortgaged by drug dealers, drug peddlers and their patrons – and today we have demonstrated again our collective commitment to protect our future,” Fatty said.

Gambia and Guinea-Bissau are among the West African nations that have been used, mostly by Latin American drug organizations as transit points for their products to reach Europe.

More than two tons of Cocaine have been confiscated in the Gambia with help from British authorities and tens of people were arrested including businessmen and security officials.

Gambia’s new government has put to notice drug dealers and peddlers, including international criminal groups that are being trailed.

“We are going to utilize the best intelligence, increase the capacity of our intelligence gathering mechanisms at the level of the police supported by comprehensive policy directives to make sure – over a period of time – drugs will no longer constitute a menace to The Gambia,” said Fatty.

The head of the Gambia’s Drug Enforcement Agency said the fight against drugs was complex and challenging but worth fighting for and that the public destruction of the two tons of marijuana was a key to sending a message that the Gambia is a no go nation for drug traffickers.

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