Gambia: 1 police officer killed, 4 others injured in lone crash

At least one police officer have died and four others seriously injured after their vehicle was involved in a lone car crash in southern Gambian region of Kiang Kaiaf.

Reports said the accident happened after a tire burst sent the vehicle into a fatal somersault, leaving the driver dead on the spot.

Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty visited no fewer than five police officers in hospital – two days after a gory accident involving the police vehicle.

“I’m here to show our support and to wish you well. We are very proud of you – and proud of what you’re doing for your country.

“We regret that this happened… and that is to indicate that we will never abandon you. We will never abandon any of our service men and women.

Motor vehicles in the Gambia are often caused by speeding and tire burst resulting to vehicle summersault could be a result of speeding.

The police did not say if they are investigating to find out if speeding was a contributing factor to the deadly accident. Gambia has poor road conditions and safety records. Many ignore traffic rules and street signs.

Six people died last year in the coastal village of Tanji when a truckload of beach sand speeding to overtake another collided with a passenger minivan.

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