Gambia: Opposition MP faults regional troops in Kanilai shooting

Gambia: Opposition MP faults regional troops in Kanilai shooting

A Gambian opposition Member of Parliament, Musa Amul Nyassi (APRC – Foni Kansala) accused West African troops of intentionally wounding three local soldiers, who were guarding the abandoned palace of ousted despotic leader, Yahya Jammeh.

Gambian authorities say a miscommunication led to the skirmish and called the shooting an accidental discharge, but Nyassi said the ECOMIG troops were trying to force their way through the private property to cross into southern Senegal’s Casamance region.

“The soldiers on duty asked them to take the main road since they didn’t receive any information about their coming. They insisted on being in and a physical fight ensued in which one of the Senegalese soldiers discharged his gun,” Nyassi told WOG Magazine.

MP Nyassi said there was panic in Kanilai, businesses closed and many ran to neighboring villages to seek refuge.

Gambia’s Interior Minister, Mai Ahmad Fatty said no one was seriously injured but security sources said two had to be taken to the capital, Banjul for treatment and remained there for days.

A security official, who wishes to remain anonymous because he was not permitted to speak to the media, said the regional troops were in Kanilai to search for weapons based on a tipoff.

It is the second time that security forces have been denied entry into Jammeh’s property. Security forces have been unable to recover the remains of two U.S. citizens in a well in the compound.

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