Foni vows to protect and support Jammeh

Foni vows to protect and support Jammeh

The people of southwestern Gambia are continuing to show their support for ousted leader, Yahya Jammeh, who has been forced into exile after losing elections.

Jammeh’s native region Foni became the de facto administrative region during the longtime ruler’s reign. Jammeh often ran state affairs from his presidential compound in Kanilai, where activists say he had killed and secretly buried his perceived enemies.

The five members of parliament from the region recently met in Bwiam, a city in the eastern part of Foni to have their citizens continue supporting Jammeh and help on his farms.

“We the National Assembly members of Foni recently met in Bwiam to discuss how to mobilize our constituents to continue to support the former leader and also, give solidarity to his farming activities,” said MP Musa Amul Nyassi.

Nyassi is from Jammeh’s own Foni Kansala region, where he is leading leadership efforts to protect the former dictator’s private properties.

A group of vigilantes had prevented investigators and security forces from going through Jammeh’s abandoned presidential compound to reach a well, where Mr. Jammeh had allegedly disposed two U.S. citizens accused of attempting to overthrow him.

The region became the epicenter of post-electoral violence and a shooting last month sparked fear after a skirmish between forces loyal to Jammeh and West African troops led to a shooting.

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