Barrow: No one will rule longer than two terms

Barrow: No one will rule longer than two terms

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow is pledging to see an end to the perpetual rule of the tiny country, whose economy relies on tourism, by any incoming leader.

The Gambia’s new government has been urged to remove repressive laws that impede democracy after emerging from decades of dictatorship under then president, Yahya Jammeh.

Barrow, who returned from visiting three West African nations has repeatedly that no president will be allowed to rule the small nation beyond two five-year terms.

While in Serra Leone, Ghana and Liberia, Barrow said that his predecessor entrenched himself in power because of the absence of the two-term limit.

Jammeh ousted Gambia’s first post-colonial leader, Sir Dawda Jawara, who ruled for three decades, in a coup that was supported by many Gambians.

“He stated that because of the challenges Gambians have gone through during 22 years of dictatorship. No government will ever stay in power for more than two terms of five years,” said Press Secretary Amie Bojang-Sisohore.

Barrow was backed by seven political parties and an independent candidate to defeated Yahya Jammeh at the country’s December 1 polls. Jammeh rejected the results a week after conceding, claiming the polls were not fair.

He ascended to power on promises of sweeping reforms of institutions and the constitutions.

Jammeh who now lives in Equatorial Guinea was persuaded by Guinea’s Alpha Conde and Mauritania’s Muhammed Ould Abdul Aziz but only after regional leaders have already deployed troops ready to oust him.

The Gambian leader’s trip to the three countries was meant to pat them on the back for standing by the small nation during the crisis.

During his visit, Barrow reportedly held private meetings with his counterparts on bilateral and ECOWAS issues to further strengthen the relationship between them and their people.

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