Can Barrow’s government fulfill its campaign promises?

Can Barrow’s government fulfill its campaign promises?

The government is committed to its campaign promises, says VP Fatoumata Tambajang as criticism over slow economic growth gains strength.

Gambians are eager to see a turnaround in their welfare with high expectations that the dwindling economy will bounce back to normalcy in months.

However, economists say the two-month-long political turmoil kindled by demoralized president, Yahya Jammeh’s refusal to cede power took a hard hit on the already battered real estate and tourism markets.

“The government will achieve its campaign promises because it is committed to it, This is a three-year transition period and we have developed a reform agenda in all the key areas,” said Tambajang.

Government has pledged to improve on its communication. It says they are working on a lot of their campaign promises but citizens are unaware of it.

More than US$150 million energy solutions project has been signed by the state owned power company, NAWEC to help attract foreign investors.

Foreign Secretary Ousainou Darboe met with Qatari authorities and businesses to charm investors and will be reopening the country’s embassy in Doha by October.

President Adama Barrow defeated Yahya Jammeh on a promise to undo Jammeh’s isolationist policies that has setback economic growth and to create jobs.

But Barrow’s administration is a three year transition. Creating a pathway maybe easy but achieving all of its economic pledges may be difficult. It inherited an insolvent nation that nearly slipped into civil war.

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