Gambia government to improve communication with citizens

Gambia government to improve communication with citizens

Gambia’s government says it will improve its communication with the public after a public outcry it is leaning towards autocratic rule by keeping secrets.

Vice President Fatoumata Tambajang denied the claims and says maybe there was poor communication but pledges to improve it. Regular press briefings have not started, leaving much to speculation.

“Maybe we have not been regularly informing the public but we will improve on communication. We know it is important that people know what we are doing,” She said.

Tambajang’s appointment is the focus of the controversy that has put a tight lid over government information.

When Barrow named her vice president, pro-democracy activists demanded her appointed be rescinded over an upper-age limit in the constitution, which bars senior citizens from taking up the job.

It led to pressure being asserted on Mr. Barrow to release the name of all his cabinet picks. Barrow’s aides suppressed the names of cabinet appointees. Most were known only at the time of swearing-in.

Citizens say the government is fast disappointing them due to delays in implementing urgent reforms.

The State House says the reform blueprint will be made public this month for public scrutiny. Aides to the president say they have been working on the reform and that parliament just started sittings this month.

None of this was communicated to the highly expecting population, who accuse the administration of leaving them in the dark.

President Barrow took The State House on a promise to reform the economy and to restore democracy into the Gambia. He defeated Yahya Jammeh and his supporters are demanding the prosecution of officials accused of human rights abuses and corruption.

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