Two U.S. citizens met Jammeh before their killing

Two U.S. citizens met Jammeh before their killing

Before killing Alhagie Ceesay and Ebou Jobe, the U.S. citizens had a meeting with Gambia’s former dictator, Yahya Jammeh, according to an Aljazeera video of Ceesay’s mother.

Mamie Ceesay, whose son Alhagie and his childhood friend Ebou traveled to the West African nation to start a company were killed by Jammeh’s special forces after being suspected of attempting to overthrow Jammeh’s regime.

The Ceesay and Jobe family said the two friends were in their native impoverished nation to invest but coming to the nearly insolvent country with millions of dalasis from the U.S. made the rather paranoid West African leader to arrested them.

Details of Jammeh’s meeting with the two U.S. citizens is unknown and witnesses to the supposed discussion remains a mystery.

“Alhagie and Ebou met with Jammeh. Whatever they discussed in the meeting we do not know. But all I want now is justice. Jammeh must face justice,” Mamie Ceesay said.

Jammeh’s government repeatedly denied having the two Americans. Washington told the Ceesay and Jobe family in Jawara that two have been killed.

A former member of Jammeh’s special forces that assassinated the two friends told investigators they were “cut into pieces and thrown in a well” inside the presidential compound in southwestern Gambia.

Jammeh was defeated in elections last year and fled the country after West African troops were deployed to end a political standoff he sparked, refusing to cede power to the new leader, Adama Barrow.

Since his uncolorful departure to Equatorial Guinea, remains of his perceived enemies were unearthed in unmarked graves in southern Gambia.

Security forces and vigilante youths guarding Jammeh’s private home in Kanilai, some two hours southeast of the capital, Banjul clashed when investigators attempted to force their way in to recover the remains of Ceesay and Jobe.

Gambia is mainland Africa’s smallest nation with a population of fewer than two million people. Jammeh had ruled the country with an iron fist and new authorities are probing human rights violations committed by his regime.

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