Cherno Marena reappointed Solicitor General

Cherno Marena has been reappointed as the Gambia’s chief litigator and legal secretary, a portfolio he held in the past before his dismissal by the former president, Yahya Jammeh.

Marena was removed last year and jailed by the erstwhile regime after he was implicated in a corruption scandal. Jammeh personally accused at least 12 senior officials of economic crime for entering into a US$12 million agreement with an oil company in the Middle East.

Jammeh was defeated in the elections in December. Since the new government took power, prosecution of many former officials, including Marena have ended.

Charges against him and dozens of other officials were dropped by the Justice Department and some of them have been reinstated.

Gambia’s Solicitor General specializes in handling the government’s appeals when they lose a case in court, argues cases before the Supreme Court and can decide what cases the courts take on.

Marena’s appointment comes at a time when the Justice Department is facing serious challenges with pushback from activists, who wants sweeping prosecution of those accused of human rights violations.

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