Gambia’s President invited by Saudi Arabia to Trump meeting

Gambia’s President invited by Saudi Arabia to Trump meeting

Gambia’s newly elected President Adama Barrow has been invited this weekend to Saudi Arabia for the Islamic-American Summit in Riyadh.

The summit, which will be attended by U.S.’s anti-Muslim president, Donald Trump and leaders from across the Muslim world will gather more than 50 top dignitaries from across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow had to reverse some controversial decisions made by former president, Yahya Jammeh. Among them, is reversing the unanimous decision taken by Jammeh to name the Gambia an Islamic Republic.

Barrow is to host Muslim world leaders in next year’s Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit in Banjul, where concerns over security and terrorism will take center stage.

Saudi’s King Salman has expressed hope the weekend summit in Riyadh “will establish a new partnership in confronting extremism and terrorism.”

President Barrow is faced with security concerns after the country was flagged for being at a threat of terrorism during the political crisis that nearly forced the small tourist paradise into civil war.

At least one Gambian, Dawda “Abu ‘Umar al-Muhajir” Jallow has been known to have joined the Islamic State group in Libya raising questions about possible recruitment of fighters from the impoverished state.

The Gambia is a majority Muslim nation but as a significant Christian population. Muslims and Christians in the Gambia live harmoniously and celebrates each other’s feasts.

The nation united to support Christians when security forces banned drumming and dancing during the Ramadan and interrupted prayer sessions in churches near the capital, Banjul.

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