Senegal surrenders Nema Jola Kunda murder suspect to Gambia

Senegal surrenders Nema Jola Kunda murder suspect to Gambia

A man wanted for the stabbing death of a friend in Gambia’s Lower River Region has been arrested by Senegalese authorities after a month on the run.

Alhagie Mustapha Gaye allegedly stabbed and killed Badou Kebbeh in Nema Jola Kunda, outside the commercial hub of Jarra Soma in April.

Gambian authorities say, Gaye, who comes from Mayamba in the North Bank, crossed the Gambia’s pory southern border with Senegal to escape arrest.

Senegalese authorities arrested Gaye in Koalack, 110 miles southeast of Dakar and surrendered him to Gambia’s law enforcement agencies on the hunt for him.

Gambia and Senegal have strengthened security cooperation and are also on a hunt for a Senegalese citizen suspected of stabbing a colleague to death in Brikama, an administrative city in Gambia.

Senegal surrounds The Gambia on all three sides, except for the West, where there is a short Atlantic coastline of just about 50 miles. Senegalese forces are currently stationed in the Gambia, helping to regularize the security situation there.

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