Gambia confirms ex-dictator’s killing of former army chief

Gambia confirms ex-dictator’s killing of former army chief

West African authorities in The Gambia have confirmed the killing of its former military chief, who attempted to overthrow exiled dictator, Yahya Jammeh.

Col. Ndure Cham escaped to Senegal, where he was holed up in a safe house after his coup attempt was foiled by Jammeh’s loyalist in the army in 2006.

What followed the abortive putsch was the killing of security officials implicated in the attempt, including Jammeh’s intelligence chief, Daba Marena.

Cham was safe in Senegal until Banjul got reports that he has been frequenting his native village of Nemakunku, a village outside Farafenni in northern Gambia.

Col. Cham was summarily executed by Jammeh’s men immediately after his capture on August 9, 2013, at a ranch not far from the Gambia’s border with Senegal, according to reports.

Although police investigators have been uncovering unmarked graves, where Jammeh’s executed political opponents have been buried, they have not released the location of Cham’s remains.

Gambia has named at least eight people in his capture and killing. Arrest warrants have been issued by a magistrates’ court in Banjul for the arrest of his killers, who were members of a special hit squad only answerable to Mr. Jammeh.

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