Sanna Manjang facing multiple murder charges

Sanna Manjang facing multiple murder charges

A Major in the Gambia’s army is now the most wanted man in mainland Africa’s smallest country and an international manhunt may soon follow to have him captured and surrendered.

A court in Banjul has issued an arrest warrant for Major Sanna Manjang, who fled the country after autocratic ruler, Yahya Jammeh’s defeat in last year’s election.

Manjang was a member of Jammeh’s assassin team called the Jungulars. They carried out covert operations to kidnap, torture and kill the dictator’s perceived enemies.

According to a criminal complaint from the Gambia’s Justice Department, on the orders of Mr. Jammeh, Major Manjang killed the dictator’s elder brother, Haruna Jammeh and Dawda Nyassi, a Gambian, who was a rebel commander for Liberia’s Charles Taylor.

Major Manjang, who is implicated in nearly half a dozen killings is reportedly in Guinea-Bissau, a country that is now only starting to experience relative peace. The government in Bissau has not confirmed his presence.

Jammeh had refused to prosecute members of the Gambia’s army implicated in human rights abuses. He instead signed an Indemnity Act into law giving them the license to act with impunity in the name of ‘national security.’

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