Shake up at Gambia’s Foreign Missions

Shake up at Gambia’s Foreign Missions

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow has shuffled chief envoys of the West African nation’s missions in key cities across the world.

Nearly 20 ambassadors appointed by the former president, Yahya Jammeh have been recalled by Mr. Barrow, who appointed mostly his trusted allies.

Some of the ambassadors recalled were among a dozen diplomats, who urged Jammeh to step down and hand over power to Barrow.

Officials at the Gambia’s Foreign Ministry denied reports that any of those ambassadors, aside from Sheikh Omar Faye have been recalled after the local Standard Newspaper and SMBC was tipped off by a senior official.

A spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, Saikou Ceesay said “it is part of the normal diplomatic process to review diplomatic postings and operations.”

Here are Gambia’s new ambassadors appointed by President Barrow:

Ebrima Ndure (former Chief of Protocol to ex-President Dawda Jawara) as ambassador to Senegal; Francis Blain (former international civil servant) to the UK; Femi Peters (UDP senior executive member) to Sierra Leone; Alasan Jammeh (former permanent secretary) to Morocco.

Amadou Taal (Senior UDP member and author) to Nigeria; Ousman Bargie (former Army Chief) to Cuba; Mawdo Juwara (career diplomat) to Mauritania; Sulayman Alieu Jack (former international consultant) to Addis Ababa and the AU; Ramzia Diab-Ghanim (former parliamentarian) to Malaysia.

Abdoulie Bojang (former House Speaker) to South Africa; Jainaba Jagne to India; Faye Ceesay (former insurance executive) to China; Musa Sonko to Bissau; Kemeseng Jammeh (former parliamentary minority leader) to Turkey; Momodou Lamin Sedat Jobe (former Foreign minister) to France; Jainaba Bah (Senior UDP Member) to Russia; Ebrima Manneh (former permanent secretary) to the U.S.

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