AG Tambadou: There will be justice for every Jammeh victim

AG Tambadou: There will be justice for every Jammeh victim

Gambia’s Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Abubakar Baa Tambadou is promising justice for all victims of Yahya Jammeh’s regime, who suffered human rights abuses.

Victims and their families are pushing the new government to swiftly prosecute those implicated in torturing and killing perceived enemies of the ousted dictator.

But Tambadou, a former UN prosecutor said the rule of law has to oil-rich in ensuring justice is served and not to violate the civil rights of citizens.

He has, however, assured activists and victims that “there will be justice for every victim of Yahya Jammeh.”

Tambadou probably has the most difficult job in the West African nation ahead of the setting up of a truth commission that will be probing crimes committed by the former regime.

A center has for those that suffered human rights abuses have been opened in Banjul. Victims of Jammeh met with those of Chad’s former dictator, Hissène Habré’s to share experiences.

It took Habré victims nearly three decades to secure the prosecution and jailing of Habré.

In May 2016, Habré was found guilty of human rights abuses, including rape, sexual slavery and ordering the killing of 40,000 people, and sentenced to life in prison.

But unlike Habré, who took refuge in democratic Senegal, Yahya Jammeh took shelter in autocratic Equatorial Guinea, which is also not a member of the International Criminal Court.

It makes any attempt to have him surrendered difficult and prosecution nearly impossible in a small oil rich nation, where his friends, the dictatorial Obiang family has absolute control.

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