PPP leader frowns on ‘selective justice’

PPP leader frowns on ‘selective justice’

The leader of Gambia’s first post-independence ruling PPP party, Omar Jallow told reporters “selective justice will not be allowed to prevail” as authorities start to prosecute human rights abuses.

The Gambia has arrested at least two dozen former security officers who were implicated for taking orders from former president, Yahya Jammeh to torture and kill political activists, journalists, and human rights defenders.

Jallow is the Gambia’s Minister for Agriculture and a senior member of the coalition that defeated Jammeh in last year’s election.

The Gambia’s unity government has kept some of Jammeh’s most senior officials and gave new appointments to others, including former House Speaker Abdoulie Bojang.

Victims of Jammeh’s regime have united demanding swift arrest and prosecution of their alleged abusers. Arrest warrants have so far been issued by a magistrates’ court for about 10 former military officers facing fresh charges.

Human rights groups hold Jammeh responsible for the killing of tens of people, but the exact number is unknown. The government of President Adama Barrow is setting up a truth commission to probe the human rights allegations.

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