Gen. Saul Badjie, Lt. Col. Solo Bojang ‘slaughtered’ Alhagie Ceesay, Ebou Jobe

Gen. Saul Badjie, Lt. Col. Solo Bojang ‘slaughtered’ Alhagie Ceesay, Ebou Jobe

Two Gambian senior military officers with close ties to the former president, Yahya Jammeh are among eight people accused of taking part in the beheading of two U.S. citizens, Alhagie Mamut Ceesay and Ebou Jobe in Kanilai.

According to the Gambia’s Justice Department, Lt. Gen. Saul Badjie and Lt. Col. Solo Bojang led seven other soldiers to arrest Ceesay and Jobe, who were in The Gambia to establish a business, later taking them to Jammeh’s compound in Kanilai, close to the border with Senegal were their heads were severed.

Lt. Nuha Badjie, Major Momodou Jarju, Captain Mustapha Sanneh, Captain Michael Jatta, Staff Seargent Sulayman Sambou, WO1 Fansu Nyabally and Corporal Saikouba Jarju, who were part of Jammeh’s special hit squad called the Jungulars, took part in the arrest and killing of Ceesay and Jobe, says the police.

At least 14 former members of Jammeh’s presidential guard unit have been arrested since the self-serving ruler’s humiliating ouster and helping the police with the investigation into the alleged killing of dozens of citizens under the order of Jammeh.

Lt. Col. Solo Bojang was a commander of the military garrison that protected Jammeh’s Kanilai home. He was also the overseer of his farm, where Ceesay and Jobe were disposed in a well.

Jammeh fled the country after West African forces were authorized to flush him out of Banjul. Fleeing with him to Equatorial Guinea was Lt. Gen. Saul Badjie, his most trusted aid. Badjie is indicted on multiple murder charges and a court in Banjul has issued arrest warrants for him.

Jammeh’s government has repeated denied arresting Ceesay and Jobe. Washington confirmed their death to the families last month as investigations into their killing began. Their remains are yet to be exhumed after security forces clashed with vigilante youths guarding the abandoned presidential compound to reach the well they were dumped in.

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