Gambia: Ex-minister detained in Swiss indicted for spy chief’s execution

Gambia: Ex-minister detained in Swiss indicted for spy chief’s execution

Gambia’s former homeland security minister, Ousman Sonko, who is detained by authorities in Switzerland for crimes against humanity have been named in the killing of the West African nation’s spy chief, Daba Marena.

Sonko with a military general, Bora Colley, Lt. Yusupha Sanneh, Sgt. Sainey Jammeh, Lt. Saikou Jallow, Lt. Michael Sang Correa, Cpt. Michael Jatta , Major Sanna Manjang, and Major Mustapha Sanneh are accused of summarily executing Mr. Marena, Manlafi Corr, Ebou Lowe, Alieu Ceesay, Alpha Bah, Julia and Masireh Jammeh.

Marena and those killed were suspected to have been part of a plot by former army chief, Col. Ndure Cham to overthrow former despot, Yahya Jammeh in March 2006.

Investigators say they were shot then dumped inside an old well in Bulloborr village in southern Gambia.

Jammeh’s government had reported that they escaped when they were being transported from a maximum security prison outside the capital to an island prison in central Gambian region of Janjangbureh.

Gen. Colley was arrested by Senegalese authorities in January during an attempt to flee Gambia to Guinea-Bissau. He has been surrendered to Gambian authorities, according to security sources.

At least 20 former military and intelligence officers, who supposedly took part in covert missions for Mr. Jammeh and implicated in human rights abuses have been arrested by the police.

Police have uncovered the deaths of tens of citizens, including two missing Americans in the hands of Jammeh’s men. Jammeh’s government repeatedly denied having them.

Jammeh stands accused of human rights violation, including the killing of his perceived enemies and political opponents. He ruled the Gambia with an iron fist and ruthlessly suppressed any dissent to his regime.

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