Gambia may involve Interpol to arrest Jammeh’s military generals, hit men

Gambia may involve Interpol to arrest Jammeh’s military generals, hit men

Gambia may seek Interpol’s help to arrest and extradite former dictator, Yahya Jammeh’s military generals and guards wanted for committing human rights abuses in the West African nation.

A court in Banjul had issued arrest warrants for at least four military chiefs and senior army commanders, including his most trusted military aid, Lt. Gen. Saul Badjie, who have been implicated in the killing of tens of Jammeh’s perceived enemies.

Gambian authorities have arrested at least 20 former military and intelligence officer affirmed to have committed human rights abuses for Jammeh but some two dozen others wanted in connection with the same cases have fled.

Lt. Gen. Saul Badjie had fled with Jammeh to Equatorial Guinea whiles soldiers like Major Sanna Manjang have escaped the country and reported to be in hiding in Guinea-Bissau.

The Justice Department has ordered the “arrest of the men wherever they may be and produce them before the court to stand trial.”

Gambia’s former spy chief, Yankuba Badjie, and eight others are already being prosecuted for the killing of an opposition activist, Ebrima Solo Sandeng. It the first prosecution since Jammeh’s departure.

West African leaders brokered a last-minute agreement for Jammeh to leave the country, ending a two-month-long political crisis that nearly slipped the country into civil war.

Regional troops are helping Gambia’s government ensure security and new president, Adama Barrow is rolling out a reform program for the military with the help of Gambia’s international partners.

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