Gambia MPs’ car wreck injures two children in Senegal

Two children were seriously injured after a vehicle transporting four Gambian Members of Parliament hit them in the northern Senegal city of Mbour.

The four parliamentarians were returning from the Pan-African parliament sitting in South Africa’s capital, Pretoria when the accident occurred 43 miles southeast of the Senegalese capital, Dakar.

Police did not say if speed was a factor after the vehicle somersaulted in the lone car accident. No arrests were made, according to sources.

The four MPs: Alhagie Darboe, Fatoumata Jawara, Sedia Jatta and Alhagie Jammeh sustained were transported to a nearby medical center and had their injuries treated.

The severity of their injuries has not been made public but the lawmakers, who won elections last month will be airlifted to Banjul on Wednesday.

Gambia and Senegal’s government have not made any public statement regarding the accident and the condition of the children that were hit remains unknown.

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