So, why was Sheikh Omar Faye fired then?

So, why was Sheikh Omar Faye fired then?

President Adama Barrow appointed Yahya Jammeh’s former Speaker of the House, Abdoulie Bojang as the country’s chief envoy to South Africa but recalled the first diplomat, who demand Jammeh’s departure from the presidency.

A handful of diplomats followed in the footstep of Sheikh Omar Faye, Gambia’s Ambassador to the U.S., urging Jammeh to step aside, recognizing Mr. Barrow as the country’s legitimate leader.

Their call completely delegitimized Jammeh in the world. Some of them have been recalled and likely to join the list of the nation’s unemployed masses.

Political activists have targeted some Jammeh appointed ambassadors like Mr. Faye, who is accused of “turning the Washington Embassy into an APRC party bureau.”

Barrow, on the other hand, has sworn not to employ former senior officials of Jammeh and not to go on a witch-hunt. But as events unfold in Banjul, Barrow recalled Faye and a few Jammeh appointed ambassadors, kept some Jammeh appointees in key ambassadorial positions and appointed Speaker Bojang, whose Jammeh-backed parliament literally committed treason by declaring a state of emergency and extending Jammeh’s mandate when he refused to cede power.

Speaker Bojang’s appointment and retainment of some Jammeh ambassadors should make one question the reason behind Sheikh Omar Faye’s recall.

I have met Mr. Faye on numerous occasions during my many work visits to Washington and held talks over national matters. Our talks continued over the phone as well.

But this is not in defense of Mr. Faye or the lack of support and having officials with an understanding of the workings of modern diplomacy and Washington at the embassy. Far from it.

This is about being fair and putting country before politics. I know Mr. Faye is a good ambassador and ambassadors can be changed when their term ends. His term has ended too awhile back.

But this is not the reason for his firing. His firing is nothing but a politically motivated one. Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe and President Adama Barrow should not give in to the pressure of UDP political surrogates and some politically biased strugglers.

Not only will they [UDP political appointees] suffer the same faith, our country will continue to be behind when it comes to 21st-century role of an embassy. It will have adverse effects on our economy, development and foreign policy directions.

If Sheikh Omar Faye or a career diplomat like Dembo Badjie has to fired because he was a Jammeh appointee, not because he failed in delivering and putting Gambia first, so should every Jammeh appointee, be it in Brussels or UN and so should the appointment of Speaker Abdoulie Bojang be rescinded.

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