Gambia to vows recover Canapro fees from Jammeh

Gambia to vows recover Canapro fees from Jammeh

Gambia will target its former leader, Yahya Jammeh and his associates to recoup some $5 million in restitution and legal fees from an out of court settlement it reached with Conapro.

A milling company owned by Conapro in which the Gambia’s government held a share was “wrongfully” taken over by Jammeh and his associates, forcing Conapro to sue the West African nation’s government.

“Be rest assured that the ministry [Justice Department] intends to recover every single butut spent not only in this case but in all other cases from former President Yahya Jammeh and his close associates who have caused this financial loss to the Gambian State,” the country’s Attorney General, Aboubacarr Baa Tambadou said.

A court in the Gambia’s capital has put a freeze on Jammeh’s domestic assets, close to some $50 million, so far, equal to an amount he reportedly fled with to Equatorial Guinea.

Gambia’s Justice Department is now reaching out to have Jammeh’s international assets seized, his multi-million dollar mansion in a Washington suburb.

Gambia has some other pending cases in international tribunals it is seeking to settle out of court. Jammeh has left the country nearly insolvent after financial mismanagement and corruption took a toll on the fragile economy.

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