Man left to die on roadside in Basse neighborhood

An unidentified man, suspected of being hit by a vehicle has been found death on a curbside of a road in Allunhareh, a neighborhood in the Gambia’s eastern city of Basse.

The man had suffered serious injuries and bleeding from most parts of his body. His face was unrecognizable. It was disfigured due to the suspected impact of the crash.

Authorities have not been notified of any missing person report and are not ruling out a possible assault on the victim. They are asking anyone, who knows of a missing person to come forward.

The Gambia has been facing security challenges since the ouster of its autocratic strongman, Yahya Jammeh. West African troops have been deployed to the country but are mostly protecting government officials and state properties.

Local law enforcement has been left to the police, who are already overwhelmed with the haunt for human rights abusers from Jammeh’s regime.

Traffic signs and laws are mostly not respected by drivers, who are often overspeeding through pothole filled roads causing deadly accidents across the country.

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