Gambia: Woman saved from mob beating sparked by ‘tribal insults’

A woman wearing clothing showing support for Gambia’s former dictator, Yahya Jammeh was saved from a mob that has surrounded her to beat her outside the capital, Banjul.

The unidentified woman was accused of insulting members of the Mandinka ethnic group and swearing at a group of men, who were having talks about the former ruler’s stealing of millions and killing of citizens.

The woman is said to be from Jammeh’s Jola ethnic group, which is largely based in the southern Gambian region of Foni, on the West Coast.

Jammeh had divided the small West African country into religious and tribal lines to main a grip on the country. He declared the country an Islamic Republic and threaten genocide against the Mandinka ethnic group, drawing condemnation from the United Nations.

Supporters of Jammeh are now accusing the government of new President Adama Barrow, which is mostly controlled by the UDP party of being a “Mandinkanized” government, allegations denied by UDP leader and Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe.

Foni became the epicenter of post-electoral violence between government and opposition supporters. Dozens were arrested but released in the spirit of national reconciliation.

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