Gambia’s army prohibits use of camouflage wears

Gambia’s army prohibits use of camouflage wears

Gambia’s army has warned businesses and citizens against the importation, selling and wearing of military-styled clothing as security concerns deepen in the small West African state.

Civilians are not – by law – allowed to wear any camouflage in The Gambia, where authorities had crackdown on those that wear combat uniform.

“These acts are a serious security breach, which has far-reaching implications bordering on national security,” said military spokesperson, Lt. Gen. Omar Bojang.

“The use of military fatigue and items in the Gambia are only limited to serving members of the Gambia Armed Forces.”

Gambia’s military has prohibited personnel of other security agencies from using military items or wears “whether on duty or not.”

Businesses and individuals have been urged to surrender all military-styled uniforms to military camps and installations across the country.

Normalcy has returned to The Gambia after former strongman, Yahya Jammeh’s ouster. The security situation in the country is fragile after civil war was averted by regional forces.

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