UK: Gambian teenager shot in England’s Liverpool area

UK: Gambian teenager shot in England’s Liverpool area

An unnamed 18-year-old Gambian boy has been shot and killed in Merseyside, Northwest England and the police are on the hunt for the shooter.

It is the third killing in the Merseyside County, part of which is the city of Liverpool in a day and the teenager was found seriously injured behind a shopping plaza after being seen with a group of boys.

He was pronounced dead at the hospital and authorities are making inquiries into Thursday’s killing. The medical examiner will be conducting a postmortem.

Police are coming through homes and security camera footages from the area to identify a suspect and gather evidence.

According to the Liverpool Echo, a man said he saw a group of lads walking towards the area shortly before the incident happened.

“They were walking into the corner quite quickly as I was coming past on my scooter. I didn’t think anything of it until I came back and saw all the police. I feel sick thinking that I might have been able to help,” he said.

Chief Inspector Keith McLachlan said the investigation is in its early stages, urging anyone who saw the incident or anyone acting suspiciously in the area at the time to contact the police immediately.

“Any information may be vital to finding those responsible and bringing them to justice,” he said.

“We are relentless in pursuing those who choose to bring firearms onto the streets of Merseyside. I am sure local people will be appalled that this has taken place during daylight hours. Information from the community will always be acted on, so help us remove those responsible and their weapons from the streets.”

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