Barrow: What happened in Kanilai will not be tolerated

Barrow: What happened in Kanilai will not be tolerated

Gambia’s new president, who is facing security challenges even before coming to power has vowed to crack a whip on supporters of the former dictator, Yahya Jammeh, who attacked security forces in Foni.

“What happened in Kanilai will not be tolerated again from any other community or group of people from any part of the country,” said Mr. Barrow.

“I will promote democracy, freedom, and rule of law and encourage reconciliation. I will not accept violence, lack of respect for authority and the rule of law.”

Dozens of people have been arrested by Gambian authorities for taking part in the protest on Friday that has left one person dead and several people injured.

Supporters of Jammeh in Foni and from neighboring Casamance in southern Senegal protested the presence of West African forces in the region, where growing unrest is fueling discontent towards the new government.

Demonstrators allegedly attacked security forces in Kanilai demanding their withdrawal from the village and the handing over Jammeh’s seized assets.

Tired were burnt and the entrance to Kanilai was blocked by angry villagers, who broke through security checkpoints and barricades to reach Jammeh’s seized compound.

West African troops were deployed to the Gambia after Jammeh refused to cede power upon losing the presidential polls. ECOMIG is now helping to neutralize the security threat and stabilize the situation.

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