Faulty pipe blamed for Gambia’s water shortage

Faulty pipe blamed for Gambia’s water shortage

NAWEC says a break in a major underground pipe at its Brikama Water Plant led to the water cuts and contamination that has left thousands of home without drinking water for days.

The break has affected transmission in mostly the Kombo Metropolitan Area towns and technicians from the state-owned company are working to have it fixed.

Some of the pipes have been repaired but sand particles have made their way through the pipes to homes. Technicians are flushing it out and will decontaminate the water supply system.

Officials said they have placed emergency measures to address the situation that has been ongoing since last month.

“We are now manually filling our tanks for people to get water. Before people get 24 hours water supply but now they get 8 to 9 hours and I hope they will bear with us because it is a just short period of time” said John Camara, a NAWEC official.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is warning that by 2050 the global demand for fresh water is projected to grow by more than 40 percent and at least a quarter of the world’s population will live in countries with a “chronic or recurrent” lack of clean water.

But NAWEC says although it is facing challenges, The Gambia will be an exception. A recovery Commission is now charged with collecting debts owed to the company.

The company, which is struggling to meet the country’s energy demand is owed millions by state agencies and companies associated with the country’s former leader, Yahya Jammeh.

NAWEC was supplying Mr. Jammeh’s native home village with electricity and water without billing them. It has cost the company hundreds of millions in revenue.

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