Fire ravages apartments in Faji Kunda

Fire ravages apartments in Faji Kunda

At least five apartments were destroyed Thursday afternoon in Faji Kunda by a fire outbreak. Residents and local youths battled the fire, which is suspected to be ignited by an electrical spark before the fire department arrived.

The work of the firefighters, who arrived at the scene some forty-five minutes after the commencement of the fire was overshadowed by support from the young people, Eye Africa TV reported.

Residents were unable to save their personal properties from the outbreak. There are no reported injuries and no indication that anyone is trapped in the building.

The fire blew debris and smoke for blocks in each direction. Firefighters worked to push bystanders back, warning them of the danger of sparks and flying objects.

The cause of the fire has not been determined and investigators are on the scene. Smoke settled in a haze around the area. People stood outside with their hands folded and expressing sympathy.

A similar fire had destroyed homes in the Faji Kunda. Most fires in the Gambia have been blamed on electrical wiring that has not been done in accordance with regulations.

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