NIA that spied on Barrow for Jammeh promoted

NIA that spied on Barrow for Jammeh promoted

A new report on the Gambia’s feared spied agency revealed that ex-president, Yahya Jammeh spied on President Adama Barrow’s campaign.

An unnamed officer of the NIA was planted into Barrow’s campaign and he gained the trust of Mr. Barrow and the opposition becoming a personal bodyguard to the new leader.

The spy agent continued to guard Mr. Barrow during the political impasse that followed the polls and after President Barrow assumed office, exposing him to serious danger.

The agent is now promoted to a senior officer of the State Intelligence Agency and directly answerable to its Director General.

West African leaders were concerned about Barrow’s safety during the standoff sparked by Jammeh’s refusal to cede power that they flew him to Senegal and placed him in a secret hideout known to a few.

But with Barrow at the hideout was the NIA agent attached to him by the autocratic ruler, Yahya Jammeh, who Barrow’s camp agreed was not to be trusted.

A meeting between Jammeh and Barrow had been nixed because opposition leaders did not trust the then president. They were afraid he could harm the president-elect.

Jammeh’s loyalist remains in the military and other security agencies. President Adama Barrow has extended the mandate of the West African stabilization force ECOMIG as security concerns deepen.

The force also protects the president and other senior government officials and its charge has also been widened following last week’s tense confrontation in Jammeh’s hometown.

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