State Intelligence Agency denies ‘illiteracy’ allegation

State Intelligence Agency denies ‘illiteracy’ allegation

Gambia’s Sate Intelligence Agency Chief is rejecting parts of a report presented to President Adama Barrow stating that more than half of the agency is illiterate.

The SIS calls the allegations “untrue” and says Mr. Bubacarr Badjie made allegations that “constitute violations of the official secrets and code of conduct binding on all active and serving officers of this intelligence service.”

Badjie is the legal adviser of the agency and according to sources, the documents presented to Mr. Barrow was leaked to The Point Newspaper.

The report ruinously revealed the long believe that former President Yahya Jammeh spied on Barrow and had a mole in his campaign.

Jammeh had recruited his loyalist into the army and intelligence community, most of them from a militia youth group backing his party. They were recruited with the help of Jammeh’s cousin, Pa Bojang.

The SIS was called NIA during Jammeh’s rule. The agency is accused of carrying out heinous crimes against the state and committing gross human rights violations.

President Barrow has stripped them of their arresting powers and confined them to intelligence gathering, analysis and sharing but reports are emerging that Badjie has been arrested.

Barrow is introducing new security reforms, which will weed out those enlisted into the Gambia’s security services without due process by Jammeh’s henchmen.

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