FTJ accuses DAJ of misinforming citizens

FTJ accuses DAJ of misinforming citizens

The leader of the APRC party, Fabakary Tombong Jatta is accusing Information Minister Demba Ali Jawo of giving false news following the Kanilai protest.

Mr. Jawo told BBC Africa that rubber bullets were used to quell the protest but it turned out live bullet were used leaving one person dead and several people injured.

“What Demba Ali Jawo did is a blatant and deliberate act of misinformation and wrong signal to the public aim at misinforming the citizenry and external forces,” said Jatta.

Gambian authorities said the demonstrators, armed with locally made rifles, took to the streets without a permit and violently confronted West African forces, whose withdrawal they were demanding.

Jatta, a former Majority Leader in the National Assembly said protesters were unarmed and were not engaged in violent provocation.

“They held banners, marched peacefully and chanted slogans. Live ammunition was used to shoot, wound and kill intentionally by securities forces instead of rubber bullets,” he said.

Gambia is investigating last week’s killing of Haruna Jatta, 52, who died during the uproar. The Foni region where the clashes occurred has seen unrest since the ouster of longtime ruler, Yahya Jammeh.

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