Those implicated in Sandeng killing still at SIS

Those implicated in Sandeng killing still at SIS

Intelligence agents implicated in the torture-death of an opposition activist, Ebrima Solo Sandeng continue to work at the State Intelligence Service, according to new findings revealed to President Adama Barrow.

According to Bubacarr Badjie, a majority of officers in the agency were recruited from a militia youth group backing former President Yahya Jammeh, confirming suspicions.

At least nine officers of the defunct NIA, including its former director, Yankuba Badjie were arrested for the killing of Mr. Sandeng and charged with his murder.

The NIA tried hiding evidence in his killing and had buried him with the mattress and beddings he was laying on. The room in which he and many other perceived enemies of Jammeh were tortured was also painted following Jammeh’s election defeat “to remove stains of blood.”

“Relative to this is the fact that most of the individuals said to have been involved in the torture of Solo Sandeng and his co-UDP supporters are reporting to work without facing any consequences for their actions,” Badjie said.

“This act amounts to tampering with evidence as the investigation was being done into the death of Solo Sandeng, one of many individuals who had undergone torture there.”

With the removal of the torture facility at the Investigations Unit, there are risk other such facilities constructed at SIS Safe-houses’ will be removed.

Prosecutors in the NIA 9 case are facing challenges with gathering evidence and had the trial judge severally warning to throw out the case.

Key witnesses have been posted across the country making it difficult to have them in Banjul to testify in the trial.

Badjie fears that President Adama Barrow might be ill-informed about the human, material and financial resources of the NIA, including dissemination of personnel and property in The Gambia and abroad.

To avoid maintaining the NIA’s tradition of non-accountability and properly putting in place swift reforms, a staff audit has been encouraged.

The report has become the center of an arrest on the orders of the State Intelligence Services Chief, Ousman Sowe, who has accused the agency’s legal adviser, Bubacarr Badjie of releasing classified information.

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