NAWEC: Water system not contaminated

Gambia’s state-owned electric and water company says the country’s water system is not contaminated after videos appeared on social media showing sand gushing out of taps.

NAWEC says a rapture in the main pipeline in Brikama has caused sand to find its way into the water system and finding its way to homes.

“The issue is that there is burst and a lot of sand gets into the pipe. But before we start running the system, we flush it out but inevitably, we do have few of the sand passing through the system and getting into people‚Äôs home,” said a company spokesperson.

Technicians have been seen fixing the rapture and cleaning the pipeline to rid it of the sand. Chlorine will be used to fight the bacteria “to make sure the water is safe for drinking.”

NAWEC is battling to meet the energy demands in The Gambia. It is also finding it difficult to collect unpaid past due bills amounting to millions from mostly state agencies.

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