Gambia: No curfew in ex-ruler’s home

Gambia: No curfew in ex-ruler’s home

Gambia’s Homeland Security Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty has denied reports that a curfew has been placed in its southern region following clashes between regional forces and supporters of the former autocratic ruler, Yahya Jammeh.

“The Gambia Government has not imposed or declared a curfew in any part of the Gambia,” said Fatty.

“If conditions exist that will trigger such declaration or imposition in any part of the country, textual procedures must be followed. As of now, no such conditions have been determined to have existed.”

Fatty was accused in several reports of imposing a curfew in Jammeh’s home village of Kanilai, which was the epicenter of post-Jammeh violence.

At least one person has died and six others wounded during the Kanilai uproar. Residents of the village and Jammeh supporters are demanding the withdrawal of West African forces.

“I have no authority under law to either declare or impose a curfew in any part of the Gambia,” Fatty responded. “I did not declare or authorize the imposition of a curfew in any part of the Gambia.”

The southern Gambia region of Foni, which includes Kanilai’s Kansala District has been the epicenter of unrest that followed Jammeh’s unceremonious departure from power.

Dozens of people were arrested in post-electoral skirmishes that followed the parliamentary polls but were later released and charges against them dropped to foster national reconciliation.

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