Gambia: Opposition supporter arrested over WhatsApp reports

Gambia: Opposition supporter arrested over WhatsApp reports

Gambia arrested an opposition supporter over WhatsApp audios and videos he sent regarding an uproar in its southwestern region, an APRC militant said.

Omar Sanneh was arrested in Kanilai by armed police officers on Saturday, who are also reportedly on the hunt for a second man, who was sending reports through the VoIP platform.

Sanneh’s arrest came days after the Gambia’s police arrested and detained another opposition supporter, retired constable Ousman Jarju on suspicion of hoarding arms.

At least 25 people have so far been arrested following demonstrations that turned violent in the Foni Kansala District demanding the withdrawal of West African troops.

18 people were granted bail at $12,000 dollars (D500,000 dalasis), an amount that most of them have been unable to meet and continue to be held in custody.

One person has died following the clash between the West African troops and supporters of former President Yahya Jammeh.

Opposition leaders and activists are demanding an independent probe into Haruna Jammeh’s death and the country’s government has pledged it will investigate the entire incident.

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